Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Email courtesy, remove previous addresses

This blog will show you in a few easy steps how to protect your privacy and the privacy of your friends when emailing.

I get many forwards from friends and have to scroll over halfway down the page because the email has been forwarded so many times and all the previous email addresses were left in the email. Not only is this irritating, I'm sure it would be unsettling for those other people to know that a complete stranger has access to their email address!

When forwarding any email, protect your friends privacy. It's easy to do. Once you have clicked on forward, just high-light all the previous email addresses down to the beginning of the actual message and hit delete.

Then before you forward, make sure you use the BCC option instead of the TO option, this way all the addresses you are sending to will be hidden from everyone that receives the email. The only email that will show up when they open it is yours.

Now to protect your own privacy, here is a tip that I use:
Create a new email address that you only use for forwarding. Send the emails to that address that you would like to forward. Again, before you send, erase your previous email address from the body of the email. Use the bcc to send and no one gets hurt.

The email you send could be forwarded 100 times, the addresses could end up on someone's computer that has a virus and unintentionally they could potentially send that virus to everyone in that email. Protect your privacy and your friends privacy, it only takes a second to delete the addresses and it only takes a second to use the BCC.