Monday, December 8, 2014

One Bad Apple CAN Spoil the Whole Bunch!

You were created in the image of God.  His Word tells us that.
I woke up with this thought on my mind, nothing starts out bad.  A rotten apple on a tree didn't start out rotten, something happened to it during the growth process.  Either it didn't get enough water or a worm got in it or something.  It was not created rotten.  You were not created to be anything but a perfect person.  You were created beautiful, you were created perfect.  If something has gone wrong, it is because something has or was changed in you or about you AFTER creation.
Some people will get this, others will find fault with it and that's okay.  I'm just sharing what God has told me to share.
The Bible also tells us we are born into sin.  Sin causes a lot of changes, it changes the inside as well as the outside.  But, so does God!  He changes you from the inside out.  He created you perfect and wants nothing more from you than to strive to be like Him, the One in whose image you were created.
Sin is like that worm in the apple.  It winds it's way through the mind and the body, wreaking havoc and destroying that perfect image.  It eats away at faith, it eats away at hope, it eats away at love.  It leaves a stinking, rotten, putrid mess behind, just like that worm does that is eating away at that apple.  When you look at sin that way, any sin, it isn't so appealing is it?  Adultery, stealing, lying, drunkenness, gossip, murder, coveting  are all that little worm eating away at the inside of you.  And, it's the same worm, there is no big or little, it's all the same, does the same amount of damage no matter what it is.  It is destroying everything in it's path.
There is an old saying, "one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch", but that isn't true.  One bad apple left in a bushel of good apples will eventually spoil the entire basket.  It doesn't do it overnight, it takes time, It has to be removed.  Sin has to be removed.  Physically as well as Spiritually.  By physical I mean, you have to make a conscious decision to stay away from whatever sin is in your life, spiritually you can't do it without God's help.  You have to remove the worm, the rottenness before it destroys everything around you, just like that rotten apple has to be removed from the basket.  Make no mistake, sin is contagious, and it can be spread with one simple word or action.  It can ruin not just one life but many.
Just a thought, don't let sin run your life.   Don't let that worm eat away at you spiritually until death comes and the real worms eat away at your flesh.  By then it's too late.
We know not the day, we know not the hour that the Son of God will return but until then our days are numbered and we know not the day of our own demise.  NOW is the time to confess your sins to the Lord, ask for forgiveness and as Jesus said, "go and sin no more".  We can never be that perfect being again on this earth but we can be when Jesus comes back and says, "well done good and faithful servant", you will enter into His Kingdom where nothing can touch you again.  You have the promise of eternity.  It's your choice, the worm and the rotten basket or the chance to be completely whole and perfect again.
God bless.