Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Different Perspective on the Removal of the 10 Commandments Statue in Oklahoma

I acknowledge this is a really controversial issue, please read everything and pray before commenting :-).
The issue I am writing about is the removal of the 10 commandment monument in OKC.  Now, these are just my thoughts and mine only.

On that stone tablet, the 2nd Commandment says:  Thou shalt not make unto thyself any graven images.
The Bible goes into more detail than that, however, that is a graven image, carved out of stone, correct?  It is a symbol meant to look like something else, something God specifically instructs us not to do.
Take another look at that stone:  See that "eye", that is not the all seeing eye of God, that is the eye of Horus, the same eye that is on our dollar bill.  Consider this for a moment, if that were an image of God would they not also be trying to remove that on the paper money we use as well as "In God we Trust"?   If you want to study a little deeper on symbolism, look up the eye, look up the star of David, (which looks like the satanic pentagram).  If you want to go even farther, google the Illuminati, Free Masons etc.

This statue does NOT represent God, we as christians represent God.  God does not use symbols, man uses symbols, satan uses symbols.  Jesus used parables, not symbols.

God does not need us to make statues, idols or images to worship Him or to sell or promote his kingdom, in fact, He forbids it.

I realize some think having the 10 Commandments in stone for the world to see is a reminder of God to all who see it.  But WE, Christians, need to be the reminder to the world.  WE, Christians, need to be testifying, teaching, sharing God with a lost and dying world.  WE, Christians, may very well be the only "Bible" some ever see.  How we, Christians represent God is what is important.  The monument can't save a soul.  The monument won't get anyone into God's Kingdom.  Only God can save and only God can welcome us home when the time comes.
How we react to others ABOUT the removal of the monument is entirely another matter.  I've seen comments on articles saying if you don't like it, leave Oklahoma.  I've seen comments from "christians" calling others names and being less than christian in quite a few instances.
THIS is crucial, how people view christians is crucial.  Seeing the 10 Commandments on a lawn will not undo  any emotional or spiritual damage done by christians .
Will people see it? Yes they will.
Will people become a christian because of it?  Only God knows the answer to that.
Will people turn away from God and never give Him a chance because of the actions and reactions of christians?   I would say that is a yes.
When people see your walk or hear your talk, do they say, "If that is what being a christian means, I want to be one," or do they say, "If that's how christians act I want no part of it"?

Here is what the controversy is really about:  Turning people away from God, using this symbolism as a means to get other symbolism placed (the statue of baphomet that the satanists tried to place there is a good example).  Satan is trying to use us, (Christians), to promote his agenda and so far he is doing a good job of it.

My final thought:  Let them remove the statue, I don't want to go against God in any way, shape or form.  We will not be breaking God's 2nd commandment and we will not be opening the door for statues of mohammed, buddha or satan to be erected.  It's really a win/win situation for christians if you think about it!!

Love you all and God bless you all.