Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Power of Prayer

This is a personal post but I want it to be a living testimony for God and hopefully inspire anyone who might face a serious situation. I believe in the power of prayer, I believe that "where two or three are gathered", I believe in lifting up by name to the Lord.
I want to share just one of the miracles God has performed in our lives. I've done a couple of posts and put a picture of my 8 month old grandson in the picture. Last Monday he underwent surgery for a cranial vault reconstruction. It's a very serious surgery where they have to cut open the top of the head, insert some plastic and reconstruct the bone, (he has a zigzag scar that goes from the top of one ear, across his head to the top of the other ear). This happened because his soft spot closed to soon and the bones across the back of his head overlapped each other. Normally in babies those do not close up until they are much older, I'm not sure exactly when but they are not supposed to grow together for awhile to allow the brain to develop normally, same reason for the soft spot. In Logan's case this caused his head to grown more in a football shape and it looked like he had a baseball under his hair in the back. This is not just a cosmetic surgery, if his head wasn't fixed, eventually his brain would not be able to grow and he would have ended up mentally handicapped. He is a very smart little guy and they had to do the surgery before there was any damage done. The doctors had told my daughter the surgery would be around 6 hours and recovery would probably be around 4 hours. They also told her he could stay in ICU for a couple of days, there would be significant blood loss during surgery that they would have to replace and that he would have severe swelling resulting in his eyes being swelled shut, they said once all the swelling was gone he would most likely be released.

Now that I've given you some background, I want to get back to my original purpose, the power of prayer. We prayed God's will over his life, we prayed for the surgeons, the anesthetists, the nurses, anyone who would come in contact with him. My daughter made sure that his surgeon was a christian also because that is important to us. Churches were praying for him and many of our friends online and offline were offering up his name in prayer.
This was God's answer:
His surgery lasted 2 hours, the least amount of time one has ever taken. He did not need blood during surgery, he did not remain in recovery all those hours, he was moved to ICU and spent one day there before being transferred to a regular room. He had minimal swelling which was actually one side of his face because he kept turning it and sleeping on that side. By the 2nd day he could be held and sit up, he ate like he couldn't get enough. By the 3rd day, when you would hold him he kept trying to stand and bounce which is something he loves to do, he was also sitting up in what they call a Bumbo Seat, which is designed for babies to be able to sit up and play without fear of falling over.

The doctors gave us the worst case scenario, God gave us His best.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that God worked in that baby's life just like we know that God has plans for his life. His middle name is Isaac and just like Abraham in the story of his son Isaac, my daughter gave him back to God and God in turn gave him back to her. He didn't get to come home until Saturday because he spiked a temperature but we consider the extra few days a blessing because he got a couple of more days of rest and recuperation and nursing care. He is home now and its hard for his mom to keep him down because he wants to bounce and play like he did and he's very active.
God is great, when believers send their prayers up to Him, He is faithful.
Never underestimate the power of God. Never underestimate the power of prayer.
Thank you all who knew for your prayers. We lift up your name to the Lord for blessings for you and yours, the power of prayer is a Christians most valuable asset.
God bless.