Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blahs and Blues

Funny title? This is not my usual blog, but it just describes me today. It's raining, the sky is overcast and I'm just feeling blah. I'm blue because things around me are out of my control and I have a hard time dealing with that because I'm a control freak. These past few months God has been working with me, and He has shown me that although I have no control, He is very much in control and very capable of handling everything, if I just step out of the way.

I try to remember what my mom used to say many years ago, "this to shall pass". Even though this is hard and part of my "blues" is that I wanted my grandchildren to always know this place, as meemaw and papa's home, where they grew up, it isn't meant to be that way. We have been packing and moving things it seems like forever, lol, but in reality it has only been a few weeks. It takes time to sort through 50+ years worth of "stuff".

We had a garage sale at my oldest daughter's this past week-end and God gave us a wonderful day Friday in spite of the naysayers who kept "threatening" rain on us. We kept our smiles and kept repeating God is going to hold back the rain and He did :) However, Saturday I guess He had heard enough about rain and we were out numbered because it rained pretty much all day but people were still coming out! We ended up packing everything up around noon and we will try again next month. I'm very tired and more than a little weary right now, but I'm standing on God's promises that no matter how bad things look right now, He has everything under control.

I told my daughter there may have been a reason we didn't get to sell much on Saturday. Probably when we are able to have the next one it will be right when we need that money. All I do know for sure is that God is in control and He is awesome so I have no doubt there are reasons we don't know of for all that is going on.

I do know He has taught me several lessons along the way that I'm not going to forget anytime soon. One lesson I've learned is that He can turn any situation around for good. The second lesson is that He always comes through right on time, His time. The third and most important, He loves us, (we mean more to Him than the birds and the lillies, Matthew 6:26-34), and He truly has everything all under control.

Thanks for reading my ramblings, just know that even though I say I'm blah and blue, it's a temporary thing and I'll be back to my normal blogging soon. Maybe not as frequently until this move is completely over but I will be back. I will have testimonies from this I'm sure because I expect awesome things from God and He never disappoints me :) You should too. He is there ready, willing and just waiting for you to call on Him. Don't disappoint Him, give God the opportunity to work in your life.
until next time
God bless.