Sunday, November 1, 2009

With Praise and Thanksgiving

That is how I start everyday and how I want to start this blog. Giving God praise and thanks for everyday, for the precious breath of life and for allowing us to start over, getting the internet back again and for so many more things I can't even name. My family has learned a valuable lesson in priorities that I pray we never forget. When we thought we were losing everything, however, we were actually gaining everything. We've moved, started over, still flat broke and probably more content than we have ever been. We've spent the last 5 months settling in and reading and studying God's word. We've learned a lot from our study and I will be blogging those lessons. For right now I just wanted to say hello to everyone who read my blogs in the past and thank you. I hope you will come back and read again and I pray that I can share what I've learned and challenge you to study for yourself. We serve an awesome God and I've had the opportunity to see Him work in my life but I can truly say I've never loved Him as much as I do now or known Him like I do now (and I'm not through by any means). I have a relationship with Him like I've never had and that makes reading His word and studying it easier than it ever was, I can't wait to share it.