Saturday, December 19, 2009

When Is Enough, Enough?

Lately all you hear is about Christmas. Things pop up all over facebook and MySpace saying keep Christ in Christmas, but we can't even keep Him in our schools!! God is banned from our schools but Santa can go to church! When is enough, enough? What is wrong with that picture? Everyone keeps saying Jesus is the reason for the season but what about the rest of the year? What about in our everyday lives. Jesus is worth more than an honorable mention once a year. I hear parents say, "we are trying to teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas", and while they are talking, they are piling their shopping baskets full of playstations, wii's and all the other paraphanalia that goes with them for little Johnny or little Susie. Another is, "our kids know that it's Jesus' birthday and it's all about giving." They are right about one thing - Jesus, was all about giving. He gave the ultimate gift, everything else pales in comparison. There is absolutely nothing we can ever do or give that would come close to equaling what He gave for us. One day a year is not enough to thank Him, not enough to honor Him. Where are thoughts of Jesus when Little Johnny is sitting in Santa's lap asking for a new bicycle or a 600.00 computer? Where is Jesus when people are fighting for one item at a Wal-mart black Friday sale and one person gets mad and hits the other person? Where is Jesus? Waiting patiently for us to call on Him. Time is short and He won't/can't wait forever.
Jesus does not want us to remember His birthday. If that were important it would be listed in the Bible, there would be no guessing as to when He was actually born. He wants us to remember WHY, He came, HOW He died and WHAT He died for or more importantly WHO.
That would be you and I. It's not important when He was born, He doesn't want/need birthday parties or Christmas to celebrate His birth. He needs us to remember and honor Him everyday. The best gift we can give Him is ourselves. The best way to show Him we are remembering and honoring Him is to follow His commandments to love the Lord and love one another, everyday.