Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Clean Heart

Psalm 51:10
Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

I love this Psalm!  Of course, I love all the Psalms, Proverbs, Acts etc.  I have more favorite verses in the Bible than favorite foods and that's saying A LOT as anyone who knows me well can tell you!  
Have you ever thought about what you are asking when you pray this Psalm?  I ask God daily sometimes more than once a day to create in me a clean heart, just being honest.  Little things cross my mind that I have no idea are coming - as the saying goes they just come out of left field.  This is the biggest reason I ask God to cleanse my heart because "out of the heart, the mouth speaks".  It can also be said, "out of the heart the brain thinks"!  Just because it doesn't come out your mouth does not mean it's okay!  The Bible says "as a man thinks in his heart, so he is" (Proverbs 23:7 if you want to read the entire verse).  To paraphrase, to think it is the same as to do it.  So back to what we are asking when we ask God to give us a clean heart... hopefully we are asking Him to make all our thoughts as well as our actions clean.  This is what I'm asking when I ask God to give me a clean heart.  I want a heart that is pure, I want a heart that is pleasing to God, not to me although that's a benefit, not to my family, boss, preacher, etc. but to God.  Because He knows me, He knows the inner most, deepest thoughts I have, while others do not.  God sees into that deepest, blackest part of me.  The part I wish even I couldn't see.  That part that brings up those bad thoughts, bad words, reactions that I have to immediately repent for.  Now, I know I'm only talking about me, cuz I know no one else does this, right?
Here's the thing about asking God for a clean heart though.  You have to be willing to let go and let God do the cleaning.  
You can't hang on to the past and have a clean future.  
You can't harbor resentment against one person while asking God to help you forgive another.
You can't hold on to the hurts of the past.
but here is what you CAN do:
You can ask God into ever little piece of your heart and mind.
You can trust Him to do exactly what you ask Him to do.
You can let go of resentment and forgive everyone, it's your choice.
You can have a clean heart and a clean future.
If you are truly willing to let it all go.
The only can'ts in your life are those things you refuse to do.  The Bible says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me", Phil. 4:13.  ALL things, not just some, that means you CAN have a clean heart.  A heart that is pleasing to God and will be pleasing to you also.  That doesn't mean things won't pop up from time to time that you have to ask forgiveness for but it does lessen the likelihood.  Take a moment to ask God, God please create in me a clean heart.  Help me to be someone I would want to know and be friends with!  Help me to radiate your glory so that others want what I have, which is You.  By seeing me others can see You and want to draw close to You.  Thank You Lord in advance because I know "whatever I ask in Jesus name" you will grant and I ask right now, in Jesus name.