Monday, October 28, 2013

Right Where You Left Him

Do you ever get surprised when you look at something you work with (maybe something you really love), and find out you haven't touched it in weeks, months or maybe a year or years?  I do this all the time and I just did it again with my blog.  I realized it's been almost a year since I've written anything (here).  I still write, just hasn't been a blog.  A comment here, a status there, etc.  You get the drift?  As usual when I get to pondering I relate my musings to my walk with God.
Do you find yourself doing God the same way?  You talk to Him constantly, read your Bible, pray faithfully and then it seems like all of a sudden you realize you haven't prayed in a while, you haven't read your Bible in a while.  When was the last time?  Surely it was yesterday?  No, not yesterday I was gone all day yesterday.  Maybe it was Saturday?  No not Saturday, I had company all day.  Friday?  No, went shopping Friday and fell into bed when I got home.  Sound familiar?
You know the amazing thing?  God is faithful.  He is always there, when YOU return.  He never goes anywhere.  He never forgets you and never leaves you.  God is still on the throne and still right there with you even when you forget Him.
Maybe it's been a while since you've talked to God.  Maybe it's an accident or maybe you feel like you have done something so bad that He doesn't want to talk to you.  Whatever the reason, know this one thing...He is waiting right where you left Him.  Nothing you can do can separate you from the love of God, His word says that.  Just remember you can walk away from Him and one day eternity WILL separate you.  Have a talk with Him tonight, make sure everything is okay.  He loves you and He is waiting to talk to you.