Sunday, January 26, 2014

How Can So Many Be So Right and STILL Be Wrong?

How can so many be so right and still be so wrong?  That question comes to my mind all the time.  I read some great posts by christians about observing the Sabbath or the coming of the Lord.  Posts filled with truth and backed up with Scripture.  Then I see horoscopes or pictures of half naked people or worse yet, the Word of God taken completely out of context in the next post.  That is why I ask, how can so many be so right and still be so wrong?  I already know the answer to that but it saddens me because the church, God's church, God's people are so easily blinded, so easily led astray.  I'm no exception, my only saving grace is God, again, MY ONLY SAVING GRACE IS GOD.   There is an old saying, "there but for the grace of God go I".  If it were not for the convicting Holy Spirit, for putting on God's armor every day, I don't know what I would be doing, (and I might add I don't want to know!).  Thank you God for never leaving me.  There was a time when I "thought" I was right but I was so wrong.  And please don't get me wrong, I am NOT saying now that I'm always right.  The difference is now I know how fallible I am, now I know that I can be right, but I can be so wrong too.

There was a time I followed man's doctrines and believed man's word over the Word of God.
Why would I do that you might ask:
1)  Because I did not read the Word of God myself.
2)  Because I did not have a deep personal relationship with God.
3)  Because I was unwilling to let go of my beliefs and man-made traditions and let God teach me.
4)  Because I was scared I would have to give up some of the things I enjoyed.
5)  Because it was "easier" to listen to a preacher and believe him, than to study and read the Bible for myself
Wow, that #4 because sounded just like my excuses many many years ago for not giving my life totally back to the Lord.  Because I was afraid I would have to give up some things I enjoyed.  That's a subject for another post but let's just say, I didn't give up anything because I HAD to, it all went willingly.

Back to how can you be right and still be wrong.  The Bible says to "be diligent to show thyself approved".  (2 Timothy 2:15) NASB.  Meriam Webster defines diligent as characterized by steady, earnest, and energetic effort : painstaking diligent
 worker>.  Steady, earnest, energetic, painstaking?This means God wants us to stay in His Word, to study it, to grow with HIM, not with the world.  We won't get it completely right until the day HE changes our bodies from mortal to immortal, but we can work diligently to spread the TRUTH of HIS Word.  

Here are some things to get you started to search out for yourself.  But before you do, IF you do, I ask you to pray sincerely for God to show you the truth, EVEN if it goes against everything you have been told and taught.  Ask God to open your eyes and ears of understanding.  Be receptive to letting the Holy Spirit teach you.
Ready:  Here goes, God's laws, the 10 Commandments, the 4th Commandment, rapture, holidays, (in particular, Christmas and Easter, trinity, King James Bible, Sunday observance, God's true church.  That's just a few of the things I can think of that I had to relearn.  Now in teaching me the truth about these things, God took me other places ALONG with His Word (the Bible).  The first thing I can remember God showing me was about the rapture.  The word rapture isn't in the Bible!  When you look up how the rapture "theory" came to be, you find out it was an idea started by man!!  You will find a great many "arguments" pro and con but praying and opening yourself up to God will show you the truth.  Arguing fact is one thing, proving and backing up with fact, that's how you get to the truth.  Always back those facts up with Scripture.  The Bible, contrary to what some "say" does NOT contradict itself.  It proves itself, time and time again.
How can so many be right and still be wrong?  By following the world instead of the Word.
God bless you as you study for the truth.