Thursday, October 7, 2010

Do You Really Want to Do That???

The devil would ask you:  Do you really want to serve God?  Do you really want to pray?  Do you really want to read the Bible?  What good does any of that do you?  Where is God when you are having financial troubles?  Where is God when your children are sick?  Where was God when your husband or wife walked out on you? Where was God when you lost your job?  

Then the devil will tell you:  I can give you all the desires of your heart.  You don't have to pray to me, just don't pray to God.  You don't have to read anything.  I can give you riches beyond your wildest dreams.  I can keep your children from getting sick.  I can bring that husband/wife back to you.  I can get you a new job.  Just don't follow God.

Now you have a decision to make.  

You don't necessarily say to the devil, "yes, I'll join you, or no I won't".  However, if you do nothing, if you say nothing, you have joined his side.  If you don't pray, if you don't read the Bible, you have decided who you will follow.  You have to remember, he doesn't have the power of God.  He can't really do all the things he would have you believe.  Today is the day to make the right choice.  Serving God isn't always easy but the rewards are far greater than just physical comfort and His rewards extend into eternity.

The next time the devil tries to tell you lies just remember he has no power, no authority except what you give him.  If he keeps after you just remind him of his future. 

God bless