Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Early Morning Talk With God

Early in the morning before the sun comes up
I sit out on my front porch, hot coffee in my cup,
I visit with the Lord and ask Him to make me strong,
I ask Him to help me so that I will do no wrong.

I ask for His forgiveness, for things I might have done,
I thank Him for His love for me and the giving of His Son,
I thank Him for forgiveness and for His love once again,
For giving me a second chance and wiping out my sin.

I thank Him for my family and blessings on each one,
to protect them and to draw them so they too can be won,
and share a home in Heaven as family up there,
to let them know each day all their burdens He will bare.

I thank Him for the many friends He's brought into my life,
and ask Him to give them each a day with no worry and no strife.
And then before our talk is done there's one more thing I ask,
That He will grant me one more day in His light and love to bask.
One more day that He can let His light shine through me,
So when I leave this world below I join Him in Eternity.